Why We're Different

Experience and Qualifications

Physical Therapy - Experience and Qualifications

Our Physiotherapists maintain a very high level of post graduate training and qualifications. We run an ‘in-house’ training programme drawing on our combined knowledge and experience. Our junior physios have a senior physiotherapist mentor to liaise with as required. All Physical Therapy physiotherapists attend APA accredited courses every year maintaining their professional development. We open our internal professional development sessions to other physios to facilitate greater range of knowledge and encourage intercolleague affiliation.

We have an expanding team of professional Physiotherapists ranging in experience and in areas of interest. This variety extends the knowledge and expertise of our therapists, ensuring our patient’s confidence in their treatment and expectations of successful outcomes. Our professional development and training model has been adopted by other local practices; this is a testimonial to the benchmark standards set at Physical Therapy, and one of the many principles that has made us the leading manual therapy physio practice in the Illawarra.

Physical Therapy's “Specialised Clinics”

Physical Therapy offers two unique specialised clinics:

  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and Facial Pain Clinic
  • Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Clinic

These clinics were introduced in recognition of a community service need. Both clinics require specialised physiotherapy training, and having credentialed therapists at Physical Therapy ensures best practice and sound outcomes for patients. Our specialised clinicians are among less than 30 credentialed practitioners Australia wide.

The TMD and Facial pain clinic assists patients suffering from conditions including: ‘clicky’ jaw, jaw lock, painful jaw and malocclusions. Other conditions including headaches, Trigeminal nerve pain and Bells Palsy are also managed by the practitioners of this clinic.

The Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation Clinic attends to the rehabilitation of patients suffering from imbalance, vertigo or other balance-related conditions. Our practitioners are skilled in the correct diagnosis and management of vestibular and non-vestibular conditions affecting balance, using both manual treatment techniques and exercise rehabilitation. Many patients live with poor balance and vertigo believing that it is untreatable. Physical Therapy has recently completed an audit of outcomes for patients referred to the BVR Clinic and the results are outstanding: within the previous 12 months, Physical Therapy has received 1,395 referrals to our balance and vestibular rehabilitation services from ENT and neurological specialists, as well as general practitioners from the Illawarra, South Coast, Southern Highlands and Sydney regions. Of the patients Physical Therapy has treated for episodes of BPPV in the previous twelve months, the average number of treatments provided to relieve symptoms was 1.8 sessions.

Other referrals to Physical Therapy Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation services include 347 patients referred for vestibular rehabilitation following a vestibular event (commonly a vestibular neuronitis or labyrinthitis) resulting in a unilateral vestibular hypofunction. 95% of patients who commenced the vestibular rehabilitation program with Physical Therapy successfully compensated with a carefully monitored and tailored program. Many patients who have been debilitated for a number of years with symptoms of light-headedness, dizziness and imbalance have reported remarkable results, with most becoming asymptomatic and successfully returning to their previous levels of functionality.

Our goal in providing these clinics is to provide an accessible service to facilitate the appropriate care of patients. Reducing medical specialist waiting periods and unnecessary hospital admissions are additional benefits. However, our main ambition is to improve patient care in the Illawarra and expand upon the locally available health services.

Better Results in Fewer Treatments

We achieve better treatment results in fewer sessions! Each year some private health funds provide all Physiotherapists with the statistics for all treatment provided to their members. The large sample size means that these results draw a very accurate picture of how practices perform relative to each other.

We are very proud of our results each year because they show us that we are achieving better outcomes for our patients in fewer treatments. Our average number of treatments per condition was 3.2 for 2011 compared to 4.6 for all Illawarra Physiotherapists and 4.3 across the whole of Australia. While some conditions require much more treatment than others, all our Physiotherapists have achieved similar results.

Our Facility and Service

Physical Therapy Rooms

From your very first phone call to Physical Therapy, you'll notice our high professional standards. As soon as you walk into the practice, you'll be confident that you're in good hands. Our service to our patients - and our continued investment in the highest quality equipment and facilities - sets an unmatched standard for rehabilitation and physiotherapy facilities in the Illawarra. We are committed to providing a great experience for our patients, and we measure our success not only in terms of positive treatment outcomes, but in the reputation of good service that is bestowed upon us.  

Relaxed and friendly environment

Physical Therapy - Relaxed and Friendly Environment

Health clinics can be a bit stuffy and even unfriendly at times. We're not like that at all, because we want to have a good day too! We think that if our clients are comfortable with us, then we can help them better. We all love our work and we enjoy helping people. You'll find us attentive to your needs and motivated by a genuine desire to help and understand your problems. We are busy yet we run on time, and you won't feel rushed.

Attentive Patient Care

Physical Therapy - Attentive Patient Care

We understand that some injuries require more ‘one to one’ time to treat successfully, and offer a variety of treatment times to best accommodate patient needs. Each day, we schedule some appointment-free time to make and return phone calls and write our reports. This means that our time together is YOUR time: time that your therapist is dedicated to your assessment, diagnosis, education and treatment, and not the logistics of your care. It also means that we run on time, so you can see us before work or at lunch time and rely on not being late back to work. We do a lot in the time you have with us, and we are attentive to you throughout your session. This means that if we are not directly treating you, we are preparing your exercise program or handouts for you to take home.

Find the cause to solve the problem

Physical Therapy - Find the Cause to Solve the Problem

We understand that controlling the symptoms of an injury is very important in the short term. In reality, pain is usually the primary motivation for people making an appointment. However, symptomatic treatment rarely provides a permanent cure, and although reducing pain and allowing people to return to their normal activity is a primary focus of our initial attention, we endeavour to fully understand the origin of a particular problem. We help people to address the cause of the problem, as well as the symptoms, thus preventing a reoccurrence.