TMJ Dysfunction & Facial Pain Management

A very common source of facial pain is the temporomandibular joint, or jaw joint.  Among patients who frequently visit an ENT surgeon with symptoms such as referred headaches, facial pain and ear-related problems, TMJ dysfunction remains one of the most commonly untreated causes.

TMJ dysfunction can be characterised by pain in the temporal region, restriction in jaw movement, jaw ‘clicking’, and more serious jaw ‘locking’.   This dysfunction can be the result of stress-related grinding, clenching, abnormal eating habits and malocclusion.  It can also be related to significant dental work, such as tooth extractions and ill-fitting or worn dentures.

Recognising this particularly painful and limiting condition, Physical Therapy’s leading physiotherapists have been providing successful management solutions for patient suffering from TMJ dysfunction over the last 5 years.  Our specialised therapists work with associated professionals including GPs, ENTs, and Dental Prosthetists to provide a team management approach as required.