PT Gym

Physical Therapy PT Gymnasium is a private facility that caters to all levels of clientele, from the sportsperson looking to enhance their performance to the first-time exerciser. We offer full-time supervision for all members, along with individualized program creation, one-on-one program run-throughs, and regular updates. Each member is taken through a comprehensive assessment to determine their specific musculoskeletal needs and personal goals. An appropriate program is then created, including a detailed explanation of the exercises and correct technique.

PT Gym has a full range of a modern cardio equipment, as well as an extensive free weights/resistance training area set out to ensure safety. Memberships are limited to minimize equipment wait-time and to maximize workout space in the gym. We cater for Medicare and DVA based programs, compensable claims (Work Cover and Third Party) and private clients. PT Gym offers services for exercise physiology, cardiac rehabilitation, falls prevention, sleep apnea, obesity, personal training and group exercise classes.

Our Exercise Physiologists are all trained and are accredited with Exercise and Sport Science Australia. All training staff have a depth of experience catering for clientele with pathology, as well as the healthy population and clients with special needs (including those with chronic illness/disease and medical conditions, and those requiring musculoskeletal or cardiac rehabilitation). We provide these interventions in conjunction with, and under the advice, of allied health and medical professionals.

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