Hydrotherapy is a form of water-based treatment conducted by qualified exercise physiologists and physiotherapists.   Physical Therapy boasts a 20x10 metre hydrotherapy pool:

  • Maintained at 34°C;
  • Hydraulic chair – for clients who need assistance getting in and out of the pool;
  • Steps with handrails to access the shallow end of the pool;
  • Pool depth – 1.0m to 1.55m;
  • Fitted with secure hand rails at water level running the length of the pool;
  • A variety of aquatic flotation devices and equipment available for use.


Services we offer in the hydrotherapy pool include:

  • Private consultations;
  • Post-surgery and injury rehabilitation;
  • WorkCover and CTP rehabilitation;
  • Adult group exercise classes;
  • Disabled children’s exercise classes;
  • Prenatal exercise classes.


Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

  • Hydrotherapy provides great benefits to individuals with a range of conditions, in particular: joint replacements, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, lumbar spine pain, sports injuries and stroke rehabilitation.
  • Non-weight bearing nature of hydrotherapy facilitates early movement post-surgery or injury;
  • Buoyancy of water reduces impact on the joints and thus reduces pain during exercise;
  • Pressure exerted by the water helps to increase circulation, reducing swelling and fluid retention;
  • Warm temperature of a hydrotherapy pool raises muscle temperature, relaxing the muscle and reducing muscle spasm – improves muscle contractility and relaxed muscle length;
  • Resistance of the water provides the ideal environment for low-grade resistance training following an injury – particularly suitable for the older population who require balance and strength training.